Rowina (26 Jan 2012)
"Needing the Rapture, please Lord surprise us"

Hi Doves, just saying I need the Rapture pretty badly.  I cannot think of one thing that is not wrong in my life....

I am afraid I cannot ascribe to any date which people have predicted to the THE date.  The Bible does support the Rapture, and I think it definitely supports the removal of the Church before the Wrath.  But as to what date that is...well, I am simply baffled when I look at the math calculations of our brothers Ron and Mathman.
I don't have the math brain to verify what they are saying, although I admire their ability to see what numbers mean.

But unfortunately others have seen numbers meaning other things.  So how can I know who is right?  

I ask our Lord to surprise me with a soon Rapture.  Just come and get us, Lord.  We are badly oppressed, many of us, and I believe brother Ron must also be under heavy pressure from the mishaps of his worldly life, including having to give up a good paying job early to serve you.  So many of us are in the same boat of being
pressed to the wall by their relatives over their Christian walk.  My only relative continues to batter me verbally about this issue, taking away from me even the comfort of a loving family.  He seems determined to win the argument of whether God exists or is good if He does exist.  He never gives up his barrage.  I keep praying for him and his children, but my prayers are never answered, not yet.  One of the little boys believes in God but his father is determined that the child will have his way in nothing.  He is determined to prove that Christians are far worse than Moslems in their hatefulness and cruelty.  Anything one says to try to modify his belief is smashed down as if he had the only right opinion in the world, as if his reason is perfect, when it simply is not.  

So please, Lord, just surprise all of us and come to pick us up out of our woes.  Until then, Lord, comfort each Dove who is in trouble, whatever the trouble.  

I have been aware of the struggles of many of you which go on and on, as do mine, with never a resolution.  A few have answered prayers, but most just soldier on.
Let there be an end to these long struggles.