Rowina (12 Jan 2012)
"To Randy West and Pineman, great presentation"

As Pineman said on l/11/12, Randy's presentation on the rising of the dead in Christ as a possible final sign was great!  Easily understood.

Randy, you suggest that this might happen this year on 4/8, Firstfruits on the Jewish calendar, with the rapture 40 days later on Ascension Day, May 17.

This would be a repetition of the Sign of Jonah given when Jesus rose, along with other deceased Jews in Jerusalem, 40 days before the day He went to Heaven.
The rising of the dead in Jerusalem would have been a sign to those who saw them that Jesus was the Messiah.  And as you say, it is quite possible that not
everyone who saw them believed, just as in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, not everyone would even believe Moses.

I consider this one of the possibilities for the rapture.  And I'd like to remind that Sal Smario has been teaching exactly this for thirty years.  He may be found
on Daniel's Glasses.  Sal does not give a year for this occurrence.  Few people now go to his website, although many went in the past, including some from Five Doves.  He gives weekly talks on Chnradio.  He has had to move to Mexico to conserve his funds, and is still giving his talks from there.