Ron Reese (25 Jan 2012)

In Luke 21:34--36, Jesus says, " THAT DAY come upon you unawares (unexpectedly).  For as a SNARE (OR TRAP) shall it come on all them, who dwell on the face of the whole earth.  Watch ye therefore, and pray always,
that ye may be accounted worthy, to ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS , and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus)."
Please notice the words "THAT DAY" and "ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS".  
These verses are obviously referring to THE DAY OF OUR ESCAPE, THE RAPTURE.  If you read these verses carefully, Jesus is telling us, once again, that THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE AND THE DAY OF THE SNARE, OR TRAP, ARE AT THE VERY SAME TIME.
So, if we want to know the DAY OF THE RAPTURE, WE SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR THE DAY OF THE TRAP.  What is this trap that Jesus is referring to, and who is setting this trap?  Is Jesus, or God, setting a trap for us?  Not the God, and Jesus, whom I serve.  Satan has been setting this trap for the end-times for decades, and probably centuries.
Yes, Satan is in the Final stages of his evil, diabolical, and sinister plan to control this world.  His instrument is the extremely arrogant and evil New World Order elite.  Yes, you must believe they have a plan.  This plan has now come to its VERY LAST STEP.  They have already set the trap and IT IS NOW READY TO BE SPRUNG.  As these verses tell us, it is a TRAP THAT IS COMING UPON THE WHOLE WORLD.
It is a deadly trap.  It is an evil, diabolical snare, to encompass the entire world.  Their Satanic goal is a one-world government, with a one-world dictator, a one-world religion, a one-world economic system (referred to as the Mark of the Beast), and a one-world legal system (which I believe will be Muslim sharia law--what other legal system chops off the heads of non-believers?)
Before we discuss how this snare, or trap, is about to be sprung on the whole world, let's discuss what the setting of the trap was.  Yes, "WAS".  The trap has already been set.  It is now history.  This trap will NOT be unset.  It is too late for that.  The springing of this trap, the Final step to Satan's plan for ultimate control, is now literally at the doorstep, and is, almost certainly, only days away from being sprung.
So, what is the trap that has already been set, and cannot be reversed?  What has the NWO elite done that would qualify as the "Setting of the snare, or trap"?  They have been working on this evil, sinister plan for decades.  All of the pieces on the chessboard are in place, except for one piece.  Any day now, the New World Order elite will announce to the entire world, "CHECKMATE".  The trap will have been sprung, the moment they move that last piece on the chessboard.  They have been giving us all of the signs that everything now is in place, ready for their very last move.  Their last move, using chess analogy, will be to take out the Queen, and trap the King, all in one well-orchestrated move.  Game over. Trap sprung.  Too late now.  No more signs.  Millions (perhaps hundreds of millions) die at the time of the Snare, or Trap, which is the Sudden Destruction.  The party is over for the world, and for all of those Christians who were not ready.  
Their goal is a One-world government, with a One-world leader, or President, or Dictator, in control.  Their goal includes a new-age Messiah, someone who can control the masses of people, through their allegiance to him.  He will have to be a Christ-like figure, extremely popular around the world.  During the first half of the Final 7 Years, he will be extremely deceptive, yet a man of peace, such as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who will be setting the stage for the springing of the trap of the NWO elite.  Even the majority of Christians will not be able to recognize him, for who he really is.  It is a time of MASS DECEPTION, LED BY THE GREAT DECEIVER.
The last move on the chessboard will involve the demise, or destruction, of the United States.  When they announce "CHECKMATE", the United States, the Queen nation, protecting the King nation of Israel, will no longer be a world power.  This is their last move on the chessboard.  All other pieces are now in place.  The demise of the U.S. is the Final chess move on their diabolical agenda.  It is the Game Changer.  THE DEMISE OF THE UNITED STATES IS THE SPRINGING OF THE TRAP.
But what is the SETTING of the trap?  We, the people of the United States, set our own trap!!!  If the NWO elite could just get THEIR CHOSEN MAN, THEIR NEW-AGE MESSIAH, THEIR CHARISMATIC LEADER, THE GREAT DECEIVER, INTO POWER AS PRESIDENT OF THE U.S., THE FINAL TRAP WOULD BE SET!!!  So, they planted their CHOSEN MAN, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, in this country, and destined him to become the President of the one nation, which was standing in their way, to a one-world government.
With the generous help of the sheeple of the U.S., we fell right into their trap.  I did not vote for this Great Deceiver, but many of you reading this post, did vote for him.  You have helped set the GREATEST TRAP IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.  Repent, and the Lord will forgive you.  But now there is NO turning back.  Their man of Great Deception is now in power.  This will NOT be reversed.  The NWO elite will make sure of that.  There will be NO Presidential election in the U.S. in 2012, or ever again.  They will not risk THEIR CHOSEN MAN being ousted from power.
Yes, our great country has set our own irreversible trap.  On Oct. 29, 2008, Obama confirmed his covenant with millions upon millions of people to RADICALLY CHANGE THE UNITED STATES, AND TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!  As a nation, we returned the favor to him, one week later, and to the New World Order elite, by
electing the Beast of Revelation, as our President.  As a result of this "Setting of the Trap", we have pronounced judgment on ourselves.  The NWO wll be the instrument used to carry out this judgment.
It is my firm conviction that our country is about to be betrayed by the Great Deceiver, the Biblical Antichrist, the trap-setting agent, Barack Hussein Obama.  He has been planted here by the NWO elite.  That is why all of his records are hidden.  That is why there is so very little that we really know about this mystery man.  His birth certificate, his college records, his childhood, his social security number, no history of any girl friends, and the list goes on and on and on, about this mystery man.  He escapes scrutiny because of the widespread and total control of the media, by the NWO elite.  He seems untouchable.
The Lord is allowing Satan to execute this evil, sinister, and diabolical plan, but only for a short time.  Satan knows that his time is short, but it is not stopping him from pulling out all of the stops, in his last-ditch effort to control this world.  On Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, the evil plans of the NWO and Obama, and the False Prophet, will cease, as Jesus Returns, to be coronated as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Hallelujah!!!
Yes, THE PLANTING BY THE NWO OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AS PRESIDENT OF THE U.S., WAS THE SETTING OF THE TRAP OF LUKE 21:35.  The demise of the U.S., which is the Springing of the Trap, will greatly affect the entire world.  Israel will no longer have the Queen to protect her.  World War 3 will erupt, with the unleashing of the GREAT SWORD (nuclear weapons?) in Rev. 6.  Out of the ashes of World War 3, the New World Order will emerge.  That is the motto of the New World Order.
How will the NWO elite Spring the Trap that has been already Set?  We can only speculate.  I believe that Obama hates the United States, and is an integral part of the destruction, or demise, of our country.  He has proven that in the past three years.  If this is true, then he will have no hesitation in NOT retaliating when the bombs are in the air from another country.  He will be underground, or out of the country.  To put this evil, scheming, deceptive traitor, to be the one with his finger on the retaliatory nuclear button, IS THE ULTIMATE GREAT TRAP, that we have set for ourselves.
Certainly, we should not expect the Antichrist to attempt to save our country.  It is the downfall, or demise, of the United States, that will cause Obama to be the King of the World, as this will force a one-world government to quickly organize.  What form of TRAP, OR SNARE, does the NWO have in mind?  The Word does not make it clear.  Perhaps a limited nuclear war.  Perhaps an EMP attack, with just one nuclear missle launched off the West Coast, exploding miles above the ground, which would totally destroy the entire electrical grid of the United States, setting out country into the Dark Ages for a decade of more.
Or, perhaps a Planned Sudden Destruction, of a man-made (HAARP) megaquake on the West Coast, with a catastrophic tsunami, killing millions of people.  Three of the NWO's recent clues about their Planned Sudden Destruction have involved the West Coast, as I have written about in my recent posts.  Whatever this Trap, or Snare, of Luke 21 is, it will be MASSIVE AND EXTREMELY CATASTROPHIC.  It HAS to be, to bring about the one-world government.  The United State is standing in the way of the diabolical, evil, scheming New World Order elite, and the formation of their one-world government.
In my opinion, THE TIMING OF THE SPRINGING OF THIS TRAP, THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SET, IS ONLY DAYS AWAY!!!  Rev. 12:12 says, "Blessed his he who comes to the end of the 1335 days."  1335 days from the day that EVERYTHING is pointing towards, Day of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, is January 27--28, 2012 (depending on whether we use regular counting or inclusive counting, and depending on what time zone).  Do you really believe that all that Mathman and I have written, concerning the clues, and numbers, and events, of the NWO elite, that POINT DIRECTLY TO JAN. 27--28TH, are just a coincidence?
Can it be just a coincidence that there are several signs, using God's Biblical numbers, besides the 1335 days of Rev. 12:12, that POINT DIRECTLY TO JAN. 27--28TH?  CAN IT BE JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE THAT ALL OF THE BIBLICAL SIGNS, AND ALL OF THE SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER SIGNS, ARE ALL POINTING TO THE VERY SAME DATE OF JANUARY 27--28, 2012???
I believe that we received our 40-day warning sign, the sign of Jonah, on Dec. 19, 2011, the night the lights went out in San Francisco, on the eve of Kislev 24, symbolic of the NWO plans to make the lights go out on our country, on Jan. 27--28th, 40 days later.  I also believe the Lord has given us confirmation of that, with my dentist office miracle confirmation, causing the lights and all power to go out in that dentist office, precisely at the EXACT time I finished my warning to about 7 people in that office, about Jan. 28th, and the lights going out in San Francisco.  
Considering all of the above, how can I NOT be ALL IN for this date?  I believe that we have EVERY reason to expect the Sudden Destruction, the Snare, the Trap, to be sprung on Jan. 27--28th.  ALL SIGNS POINT TO THIS DATE!!!  The counterattack by Jesus, will be the Rapture of the Bride.  Hallelujah!!!  Luke 21:34--36, which promises a SNARE, OR TRAP, TO COME UPON THE WHOLE WORLD, ALSO PROMISES A GREAT ESCAPE FROM ALL THESE THINGS.  THAT GREAT ESCAPE IS THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE!!!
Jesus would say unto us this very day, "Be holy, for without holiness, no man will see the Lord.  Separate yourselves from the world, and THEN I will receive you unto Myself.  Do NOT lose your first love.  Do NOT become lackadaisical in your spiritual walk.  Repent of all sin in your life.  Turn completely away from sin, and turn unto me.  I will give you power over sin, if you will yield to me.  I wish that you were either hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm, I MUST spue some of you out of my mouth.  Many of you must make your garments white again, in the Great Tribulation.  My children, prepare to meet your God.  Make spiritual preparation to become part of my Bride.  My Bride makes herself ready.  The Day is soon upon us.  I want you to be part of my pure and spotless Bride.  Prepare, my children.  The hour is very, very late."
Ron Reese