Ron Reese (14 Jan 2012)
"Chinese New Year--Another piece of the puzzle pointing to Jan. 28th?"

In 2012, the Chinese will be celebrating the Year of the Dragon (Satan).  The Chinese New Year's Day is Jan. 23, 2012.  So, Day 6 of the Year of the Dragon will be Jan. 28th.  Will the Chinese be the ones to launch a NUCLEAR missle attack, or an EMP attack, 6 days into the Year of the Dragon, thrusting the world into the 1335-day Great Tribulation?  The Great Tribulation begins MAN'S (# 6) JUDGMENT, AND POINTS THE WAY TO THE DRAGON (SATAN AND THE ANTICHRIST).  WILL THE 6TH DAY OF THE CHINESE NEW YEAR BE THE DAY???
It was the Chinese, who most people blamed for the mystery missle launch off the West Coast, on 11/08--09/10.  Exactly one year later, begins the 81-day NWO WARNING OF JUDGMENT ON THE U.S.   AFTER THE ONE-YEAR WARNING, WE RECEIVE AN 81-DAY WARNING, OF THE PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, STARTING WITH THE FIRST EVER NATIONAL EMERGENCY WARNING ALERT, on 11/9/11. 
That one-year Warning of the mysterious Chinese (?) missle launch, put into motion, EXACTLY one year later, the series of 4 three-week inclusive warnings, or 81-day Warning, leading us STRAIGHT TO JAN. 28TH, THE DATE OF THE PLANNED SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.  9 x 9 = 81.  3 x 3 x 3 x 3 =81  3333.  9 is an occultic number, used in the 9-11 Twin Tower attacks.  This 81-day Warning is also another 9.   8 + 1 = 9.  33 and 333 and 3333 are the most Satanic numbers in existence.  333 + 333 = 666.  This 81-day warning began EXACTLY one year from the Chinese (?) missle launch.  The date was 11/9/11, the reverse of the infamous 9/11 date. 
Do not believe for one second that this is ALL a coincidence.  Do not believe, for one second, that ALL of this is not a well-crafted WARNING THAT IS POINTING STRAIGHT TO THE REAL DEAL DATE OF JAN. 28, 2012.  These are extremely arrogant, powerful, and self-important people.  They are diabolical in their evil schemes.  They are hell-bent on bringing down the United States.  ALL EVIDENCE POINTS DIRECTLY TO JAN. 28, 2012, THE 6TH DAY OF THE CHINESE NEW YEAR, THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON (SATAN).  IS THIS ANOTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE AND ANOTHER CLUE FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER ELITE???
Ron Reese