Ron Reese (11 Jan 2012)
"The Final 7 Years TIMELINE graph"

All of my post of the past couple of weeks have now been put on my website, and are highlighted at the top of the cover page.  Please feel free to make copies to forward to others. 
Below is an excellent presentation, in graph form, of the Final 7-Year outline, and a whole lot of other Biblical End-Times Prophecy information.  I want to personally thank Pieter for all of the time and effort he took in compiling this information, and making it available to us.  I agree with almost everything that he has presented.  This chart includes the 2520-day, or 7 prophetic years timeline, from Oct. 29, 2008, to Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, the day that Jesus Returns to set up His Kingdom.  It also includes Apr. 11, 2012, the mid-point date, when the Antichrist will begin his 1260-day reign, when he recovers from his mortal head wound, and becomes Satan incarnate.  It also includes the 1335-day Great Tribulation which should begin on Jan. 28, 2012.  This should also, in my opinion, be the Day of the Sudden Destruction/Rapture.


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