Robin Bales (4 Jan 2012)
"One World Currency"

Hi Doves,
This video was published right on time, 1-1-12.
This is the way the elite have chosen to announce phase 1 of this decision. It is irrevocable and will be implemented. We know that for fact as it biblical.
If the implemenation of this goes according their plan we should see or hear economic currency reformation before the end of the month.
The global agenda is always to control masses to generate the best result for their agenda, so according to their plan its not an overnight switch. As always we should wait upon our Lord Jesus Christ the ONLY begotten son of God.
I stand amazed and count myself fortunate at living in the generation seeing the prophecies fulfilled, and yet it is with nervous anticipation waiting upon the moment my Lord removes his bride. As much as I enjoy watching his word be fullfilled, I am anxious to get the heck outta dodge and not be privy to the nightmare of the great trib, I take peace in the blessed hope, for my faith solely lies in Christ Jesus.

Robin Bales