Rene (25 Jan 2012)

Ever wonder about all those people in the Great Tribulation being be-headed? Well, it is no mystery anymore!!! We have a muslim-supporter sitting in the highest office in the U.S. A muslim brotherhood "clone," who hates America and is bent on her total destruction. The radical Islamic thugs who be-headed Daniel Pearl on live T.V. are the same ones who are causing all the chaos, murder, treachery and violence throughout the world. The first thing they want to do if their own daughters don't follow their beliefs, is BEHEAD them! The first thing they want to do if their WIFE wants to leave them, is BEHEAD her! They are totally possessed with the devil, while thinking that they are doing God a service by killing  His people! With the man of sin running things, whose religion is radical Islam, is it any wonder that the first thing that will happen when the Great Trib saints start witnessing about Jesus and telling the truth about the antichrist and his agenda-- that the first thing they will do is start screaming, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!  Yes, it will happen, just as God says. And those who loved not their lives unto death, will lose their heads! They will be beheading people, offering their victims to Satan and drinking their blood! Sound too gory to be true? Well, as they say --- you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet! And for those out there who reject Jesus, you won't even have to be a professing Christian to get your head cut off. All you will have to do is be a non-muslim! They will be killing anyone they can get their hands on! Don't WAFFLE! Turn to Jesus NOW before it is too late!