Rene (25 Jan 2012)
"Re: The Big B.O.s Confidence Level"

Yes, I am sure he is just bubbling over with confidence. He is PURE EVIL and he (along with all this marxist, socialist thugs in organizations like ACorn (I capitalized the first 2 letters for a reason), have undoubtedly already planned once again how to STEAL the election. If he truly is the "beast" as many believe, then nothing will stop him until God Himself intervenes. He is a muslim "plant", a trojan horse. I cannot for the life of me try to figure out how anybody--- ANYONE in their right mind can vote for this vile loser who hates America, hates Israel and hates the one true God. Well, yes, I guess I CAN figure it out. Because Jesus said evil in the last days would "wax worse and worse," and the signs are all around us that we are going home soon...Those who are voting for him, many of them, are just as vile, lost and EVIL as he is! The DNC would rather throw this country under the bus and watch it's total destruction before they would relinquish power to a Republican!