Rene (19 Jan 2012)
"re: waking up early and hearing someone call my name"

The other morning when I woke up right before my alarm went off, it was actually 653 am. 7 minutes before the alarm goes off that I had set for 7 am. That is seven twice.  Then when I heard my name called twice and THAT woke me up - that was on 01-14-2012, but I don't recall what time it was - I didn't look. I do know it was late in the morning because it was Saturday and I don't have to work Saturdays and did not have my alarm clock set.  I have been thinking about these 2 things and I realize after looking back that IF those who feel the rapture will be 01-28 are right, this happening on 01-14 was 14 days before 01-28. That is 7+7 = 14  for Jan 14th and 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 for Jan 28th. I woke up at 653 - SEVEN minutes before SEVEN. I thought all this was rather odd, especially since my entire life has been strangely marked by the number 7 (for example, I got saved on July 28, 1981 and that date has 288 SEVENS in it. That is no error. It is July which is one 7, 28th which is 4 sevens and 1981 has 283 SEVENS in it! Counting me, my mom had 7 children.  I went into the hospital for the first time in my life (for a surgical procedure) when I was 7. When my first child was 7 years old, my age was also equally divisible by the number 7. My current address has two sevens in it. My last address had 2 sevens in it. The name of the street I live on has SEVEN letters in it. My family physician's last name has 7 letters in it. I could go on and on...)  
My life has also been marked by the number 59 at various times. AND, I am still seeing the number 153 EVERYWHERE!!!  What does all this mean? I have no idea if it means anything at all!  Only God knows...