Rene (11 Jan 2012)
"Vocio D - re: Wish them Luck???"

I see the sixes that you speak of and the picture of what looks like a skull or alien on the right. Amazing how it disappeared. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick-and-tired of logging into my computer and seeing ads come up to sign a card to support the Obama thugs!  Another  4 years of  rampant spending? Another 4 years of non-stop White House parties? Another 4 years of tax payers footing the bill for 4 million dollar vacation sprees? Another 4 years of un-elected Czars promoting communism, fascism and socialism?  Another 4 years to wreck further destruction on the United States? In another 4 years under B.O., this country will NOT be recognizable.