Regina (9 Jan 2012)
"A prophecy from Jonathan Kleck"

Hello John and Doves,
I saw this video from Jonathan Kleck tonight. He speaks about sudden destruction coming, and asks that viewers pass on his message.
For your discernment of course, but do pray about this message whether it is from God. We may be out of here (our Blessed Hope) or else maybe some might be affected. I pray for the protection of the Holy Spirit and God's loyal angels on all believers until the day we go home. God bless and love to all
Please, use discernment and pray about what he is saying. Also, one part of it has violence so don't watch if this will bother you. I'm posting it (if mods say ok) because in me, I believe this could well happen. We might still be here or maybe this is part of what happens at "sudden destruction" event. There is a scene that is violent from a movie clip. Do not watch if this would bother you too much- skip ahead.