Regina (10 Jan 2012)
"about jan 28"

Dear John and Doves, I wrote Ron Reese this morning about my thoughts re: mystery Babylon and a couple things about the date Jan 28.
I've come to the conclusion that the doctrine of freedom of religion is the antithesis of faithfulness to God as husband and maker. Isaiah 54:5
A note about Imperial dragons, such as the one going on parade Jan 28,
they are symbols of ruling authority. Chinese rulers were called dragons and were said to be part dragon.
For your discernment. God bless and keep you all

Hello Ron, I just wanted to tell you about some interesting things I found about Jan 28
First, going back 120 years is Jan 28, 1892. Anything interesting there? There is this off beat thing, a "night dragon" was made. It was used in the Easter parade of 2001. Stored for 11 years, it is coming out again on Jan 28, 2012 for Chinese New Year
One year ago was the Jan 28, 2011 sighting of light over the Dome of the Rock. Some say that videos of it were a hoax. Why draw attention to the Dome though, seeing it is such a "hot spot" for tension between Islam and Israel? Maybe another light on the spot will happen this year.
Not on Jan 28 topic, but was thinking about Rev 17:5 this morning.
I was reading about the destruction of Babylon, fate of Satan and was thinking about your posts.  I think that Babylon is called the "mother of harlots" partly because of the doctrine of "freedom of religion".
This doctrine has twisted love thy neighbor into supporting every kind of falsehood and wickedness. When the Lord God said to love your neighbor, He never said allow the worship of false gods. He never said honor wickedness with parades and cheer them on, and so on. False gods and idol worship will not be allowed in heaven, they just won't.
They were not to be allowed in the temple of God, although Israel sinned. And they were not to be allowed within us: we are the temple
So this is why I came to the conclusion this morning that "Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth" is full of this freedom of religion which causes spiritual adultery throughout many countries and causes idol worship and events such as the 13 crystal skulls .
Judgement of mystery Babylon is written in Rev 18.
God bless you and keep you. Maranatha