R Carter (25 Jan 2012)
"RE: 1/24 dream"

R. Carter

1/24/12 – Dream

Scene 1 - The framework: USC and the Lakers

The dream started off with me seeing two teams. One of the teams had the colors purple & yellow, and I associated it with the lakers for a number of reasons I’ll mention later. The other team had the colors of red & gold like USC football team. The red&gold team I associated with the Trojans football team even though the teams themselves were wearing basketball uniforms. I knew I was on the red&gold team. Our team was like soldiers. There were many skilled players and some superstars, but nobody cared about that. The teams goal was to operate efficiently and as one to win.  We had two coaches, one was very tall and the other was tall as well, but not as tall the the first. Even though we were all basketball players, were weren’t as tall as them.


The other team, the Lakers was full of superstars. Off the court everybody wanted to be like them. They had a sense of individual greatness, and suave, and bravado. Since I was from USC, I knew how they actually played in the game. My team wasn’t far away, but I went over to the Lakers to talk to one of the players. As I was walking through their court, I saw a lot of their players for who they were. They were trying to dribble the ball and make shots, and practice, but were totally drunk. Stumbling and reeling. I felt a pity for them, because I knew they truly were a sorry team in spite of all the press. There was one downcast looking laker and I went over to talk to him. As I was approaching him, my team was jogging by in the background , the way they looked jogging by were like marines in formation, out for their morning run. Everyone had well fitting clothes, not tight, but not baggy either.

As I approached the laker, there was a sense that he came to the lakers to be a star, to win the championship, but he knew they wouldn’t win. He looked very downcast. I felt bad for him, and told him that he should talk to one of the coaches of my team. They would take him in and be willing to train him. He looked away.


Scene Two – The Court

This is somewhat difficult to explain. I have never had a dream remotely close to this so I will explain as best I can. Before I begin, I saw what I am about to explain with my eyes, but most of what I saw, was not with my physical eye. What I saw was in the spirit, and seeing it in the spirit translated into a visual picture if that makes any sense. Once what I saw in the spirit was translated into the visual picture, it also translated into an immediate and complete understanding/absolute knowing of what I had witnessed.

I was standing on the side of what appeared to be a basketball court around the half-court mark. I saw one of the coaches for USC on the left, and I saw the sad laker player on the right. Standing next to me was like my personal trainer, my mentor for USC. The coach on the court for USC was Jesus, and the sad laker was satan. My trainer is the Holy Spirit. I have to mention that I’m 6ft6in and the Holy Spirit was easily a foot and a half taller than me. The feeling was like my big brother standing next to me, even though I’m the oldest son and don’t have a big brother.


What I witnessed was like walking in on a confrontational conversation in the Heavenly Court. When Jesus spoke it was like powerful thunder. It was electricity in the air, and moved the air around it. I watched the thunder come from Him and travel towards satan. I knew what Jesus said because as the thunder passed me, it briefly slowed down and the thunder transformed into a word and then magnified into a large word. The way it looked was like reading the bible with a magnifying glass. As it passed in front of me, each work would magnify so I could clearly see what it was.

The conversation I felt I walked in on was Jesus speaking and His words read like scripture. Jesus was talking to satan about His Word raining down on him and his like hail and for him it would be literal hell.

Jesus was standing up very tall and was intense. He had a righteous anger and a finality about Him. The thunder of His words crackled through the air with an intensity that vibrated everything around it. His words, the thunder caused satan to shrink and he was on the floor of the court cringing with his hand outstretched to Jesus in fear. The thunder shot out with such intensity and speed. Like before,  I saw the words Jesus spoke as with a magnifying glass, Jesus said to satan I OWN YOU OUTRIGHT! The thunder of the word OUTRIGHT caused satan immense fear and the thunder was shooting towards satan that I knew as soon as it touched him he would be destroyed. The thunder of that word as it got closer to satan formed an extremely strong hand. It was very muscular and had veins running through the hand. The hand itself had a strong desire to destroy satan. Right as the hand was about to consume satan the vision of the heavenly court started to fade.

So what I see starts to fade, like and old school movie ending. You know how the edges start to blur as you’re hearing the very last part of the movie. It was like the slow motion button was clicked on the hand. It was literally mere inches from consuming satan but stopped. Then I heard/felt/knew a voice and it said “ Go do what you will with the time that you have left.” At the instant satan knew he wouldn’t be instantly consumed and destroyed, an immense rebellion and hatred rose up like spike would on a chart. It was a concentrated type of evil.

As the vision faded to black, the very last thing I heard/felt the voice say was “The battle is for the TITLE DEEDS OF SOULS”. I felt/knew the battle would now be for the outright conquest of souls. One way or the other, your SOUL would belong to Jesus or satan. No mortgage payments, no IOU’s, OUTRIGHT OWNERSHIP. After the last statement from the voice I woke up. Once awake I knew the voice was God the father. I didn’t see Him, but I knew He saw everything like the announcer in the box seat who calls the game.