Raymond (7 Jan 2012)
""Dry bones......The Complete Story (all 200 million of them)......timing of the rapture""

According to Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, in Revelation 16:12 it states that the Sixth Bowl Judgment will dry up the Euphrates River to make it easier for the Antichrist to assemble his forces for the Campaign of Armageddon. Although it has become common to identify the kings that come from the sunrising or “the kings of the East” with the Chinese and to combine them with “the army of the two hundred million” of Revelation 9, neither consistency of exegesis nor the structure of the Book of Revelation will allow for this. Relative to the structure of the Revelation, the two hundred million are in a Trumpet Judgment, whereas the kings of the East are in a Bowl Judgment. Furthermore, within the discussion of Revelation 9, the two hundred million are demons, not men. In regard to consistency of interpretation, it also rules out the kings of the East as a reference to Chinese. Everywhere else in the scriptures, the East always refers to Mesopotamia, which is Assyria and Babylonia. The fact that the Antichrist's capital city, Babylon, will be located on the banks of the Euphrates River further attests to the fact that the kings who come from the East will be Mesopotamian kings.

In the book of Revelation there will be two demonic invasions.  The first demonic invasion (Rev. 9:1-11) will be for the purpose of tormenting men greatly, short of death, for five months during the Great Tribulation. The second demonic invasion, led by four leading demons now bound at the Euphrates River in Iraq, will be for the purpose of destroying one-third of humanity (Rev. 9:16-19). A total of two hundred million demons will be released out of the abyss to be led by these four demons for the second demonic invasion.