Randy (7 Jan 2012)
"President's Quote - REMEMBER THIS!!!  "The tide of war is receding."  Really??"

Obama - Quote:
"Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding," he said, with military top brass on the stage behind him.
and this..
"As I made clear in Australia, we'll be strengthening our presence in the Asia-Pacific, and budget reductions will not come at the expense of this critical region," he told media at the Pentagon.
Mr Panetta emphasised the military would retain its ability to confront more than one threat at a time, and would be more flexible and adaptable than in the past.
Is......can.....the US still go after Iran....in light of this position?
2 questions:
1) Is the world really getting to be a SAFER place?
2) Will the USA be the "leader" with the most military on the ground in the NEXT confrontation?
We'll see....
PS....Granted, Our attack on Saddam Hussein in Iraq......looking back......with Iran NOW being the BIG NUCLEAR THREAT......was probably a MISTAKE. 
Time will show (I think) how BIG this mistake was .......  as:
1) Iraq NOW alligns itself politically with Iran  (OUCH!!!! UCH!!!!) 
2) Iran acquires the nuke bomb...IF no intervention by Israel, of the US, or others....
As the USA has tried to "intervene" in other countries' affairs over the last 60 years, it has done a less-than-perfect job.   At the very least, we have ARMED our FUTURE enemies....such as in the case of Saddam Hussein in Iraq;  and in Afghanastan when the Afghans were fighting the Russians.  AND even in IRAN....when we suported the Shaw in the 1970's.....
(BTW, the Russians must still be LAUGHING their heads off over how MIRED we have gotten in Afghanastan....JUST LIKE THEY DID......and Afghanastan BROKE THE BACK, financiallly and politically, of the Russians.
Hmmmmmmmm.........  Afghanastan is certainly KILLING the USA financially....not to mention, the soldiers who have died and been wounded...... and once we leave???   It will be like Iraq, and they will TURN ON THE USA quicker than anyone would hope....   Are they grateful for our help????     I doubt it.....too many people/tribes/factions there, like in Iraq.....STILL HATE US?   What have our money and lives won us???????   Long term????    Time will tell......but I would say:   NOT MUCH!   How sad..
But....God is in control......and it has all happened for a reason....and it is ALL leading us up to the END of the END TIMES in Bible Prophecy.... And, WE ARE THE GENERATION that gets to see it all play out in front of us......every day.......      :)     TICK TOCK!!!