Randy (5 Jan 2012)
"2012 Market Predictions/Article from Bill Gross at PIMCO"

Bill Gross first got on my RADAR Screen in Dec, 2007, when an article I saw in the Jerusalem Post (of all places...) wrote an article on his quote that month:  His quote was:
"Based on some of the things I'm seeing in the US financial markets, some things could happen in 2008 that COULD BRING THE US FINANCIAL MARKETS TO IT'S KNEES."   
He could not have been mroe RIGHT that year....now 3 years ago.  Since then, he's had a tougher time "reading the financial tes leaves..."
Anyway.....this new article puts him on the record with:
"We are left with zero-bound yields and creditors that trust no one and very few countries. The financial markets are slowly imploding - delevering - because there's too much paper and too little trust," he said.
Those factors may lead financial markets to experience "the fat-left-tailed possibility of unforeseen - delevering - or the fat-right-tailed possibility of central bank inflationary expansion."
Gross told investors they should lower their return expectations for 2012, predicting 2 percent to 5 percent returns on investments in stocks, bonds and commodities."
We shall see.....
PS....excellent post yesterday, with this article on:  THE COMING WAR WITH IRAN !!!!!!!!!
Hmmmmmmmm........if Obama goes after Iran, will that SECURE his re-election???  All the Republicans seem to want to deal tougher with Iran....an attack would be the ULTIMATE in TOUGH ON IRAN.  Of course, it all depends on WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE PRE EMPTIVE ATTACK.
Will oil prices go thru the roof?? 
Will that spark the NEXT Recession?
How will Iran retaliate? 
etc, etc, etc....  should be interesting!!