Randy (17 Jan 2012)
"Zola Levitt, on Rosh Hashanah Feast as the Rapture - Youtube program"

In 2000, when I asked the Lord if He would tell me the "time of the year" for the Rapture, I was led to find Zola Levitt, a Messianic Jew, with a great TV program. It was then I first learned about the "parallel of the Jewish Feasts, with Christ's first and xecond coming...... I'd never heard of this before.....
Zola always believed the Rapture would be on Rosh Hashanah.
Then, in 2008, the DOW Jones Stock market went down an incredilbe, and specific, 777.68 points.  Many of us thought this was a SIGN of some sort......
Did that POINT TO Rosh Hashanah, 2012?   My earlier post from 2 years ago said:
As my post says......in 2010 I asked the Lord if He would tell me (at long last, my first and only time to ask this of Him) the YEAR of the Rapture........(presuming He had told me the TIME OF THE YEAR of the Rapture in 2000) ..... my post says "the voice I heard in my head said.....'Randy, you already know....'"  
Will the Rapture be THIS Rosh Hashanah, mid September, 2012???  Earlier?  WE shall see.
2012 looks to be an interesting year.....in every way, on EVERY subject....ALL AROUND THE WORLD>....