Randy (11 Jan 2012)
"Middle East Analysis:  Excellent Article on 3 Israeli's Assessment on Iran...."

3 TOP Israeli's propose 6 steps for REGIME CHANGE in Iran....before they get the nuclear bomb.   BUT.....WILL IT HAPPEN????  Is it "too little, too late" ...and thus, some kind of military clash in now inevitable???  Will this clash happend BEFORE Iran gets the nuke?  Or can Iran put this clash off until they are ready with nukes on missiles....pointed at Israel?? 
 We shall see..
1) Tighten sanctions.....IN process.  But will it be enough?
2) Isolate Iran diplomatically.......  NOT being done at this time..... (How is it that Ahmadinijad gets to come to the United States every September and address the UN???  On America soil???  Just a few miles from 911?????   Oh, the sad irony of this continued mistake.
(Hmmmm...once upon a time, Gadaffi used to come to the UN to do the same thing.....)
3) use high tech infiltration....like the Stutnex Virus, etc.
4) Use Threat of Force.....Quote:   The threat of force must be credible. Iran’s rulers should lose sleep over the possibility that a military strike — against their nuclear facilities or against them more directly — may be seen by Americans and Israelis as the least bad option.
5) Help Syria break free of Iran...support regime change ON THE GROUND in Syria.....but OH NO.......what did our President do??  After years of NO US embassy in Syria.......what did Obama do
BTW, Here is an article from June, 2009....about the reopening of the embassy in Syria.  As you read this........ask yourself this:  "could this idea to reopen the embassy have been more INEPT??" 
Obama's decision reflects US recognition that Syria will be a key factor if a comprehensive peace is to be reached in the Middle East, State Department officials say. That sentiment was reflected by Obama Middle East envoy George Mitchell's recent visit to Damascus, and in particular by Mr. Mitchell's statement that Syria plays an "integral role" in the quest for "comprehensive peace" in the region.
"Those were the magic words for the Syrians," says Mr. Landis, who returned Tuesday from Damascus. The Syrians were anxious to see a US ambassador return, Landis says, but not without reassurances of a new tone and recognition of Syria's interests, particularly with regard to Israel.
My comment:  Really?  Syria a KEY Factor in a comprehensive peace plan for the Middle East??  This is now laughable, in light of (even Obama) calling for the Syrian President to step down.  Let's face it, Obama's Middle East/Arab policy has NOT worked..the Middle East is  MESS.....and it is now MORE hostile toward America, that it was before. 
And:  Quote:
6. Iran’s anti-regime opposition also deserves moral support and material assistance. That should have begun in 2009 when, in the wake of blatantly fraudulent elections, mass protests broke out with demonstrators chanting: “Obama! Are you with us or against us?” Professor Lewis lamented: “We have not done a damn thing to help them. It’s a mind-boggling absurdity.”

My comment:  WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY......FOR the President of the USA to NOT have stepped in to support the Iranian uprising.  This was still back when Obama THOUGHT he could develop a dialogue with the Iranian President.  BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE!
I truly believe that that MISSED opportunity to step in and support an Iranian uprising was CRITICAL...and that missed opportunity is wjhat WILL lead us into a war with Iran as the US and Europe put a stangle-hold, FINALLY, on Iran...with sanctions on their Banking AND Oil exports. 
BUT........it has ALL played right INTO God's plans for these End Times....no doubt about that!!
And THIS FINAL EFFORT at sanctions, is what will (could?) lead to some kind of attack from Iran.......or ON Iran...... in 2012 (?)  I just can't see this new choke-hold on Iran lasting beyond 2012.....maybe even beyond mid-year 2012 (or even earlier) WITHOUT some kind of missile-exchange, which should involve Israel, the US and Europe, too. 
At the very least, it should involve a military clash over the Straight of Hormuz.