PJane (19 Jan 2012)
"Something Is Being "Birthed" on April 11th"

For your discernment ...
I haven't put a lot of stock in the Jan 28th date for sudden destruction as I've felt that Ron's signs have been a bit obscure. However, last night I had a "dream", the first one since last September.  There was a pregnant woman (not carrying her own child, but acting as a surrogate - and I wasn't even sure it was a human baby). She was making a big deal about the fact that she was carrying it for 13 weeks (I wasn't sure if that meant the entire gestation was 13 weeks, but was sure she meant she would be delivering in 13 weeks). When I woke up I realized someone (or something) is being birthed in 13 weeks. I got out of bed and looked at my calendar to discover that 13 weeks from today (the dream was around 3am on Jan 18th) is, you guessed it ... April 11th.
Something else I remember from the dream is that my right arm had been amputated just below the elbow. When I woke up I had a sense that I had "given my right arm" for something, but I didn't know what.
I just asked the Lord for confirmation and opened my Bible to the passage in 2 Samuel 24:24 "... neither will I offer burnt offerings unto Y'HOVAH my ELOHIYM of that which does cost me nothing."