Pineman (20 Jan 2012)
"Further Elucidation Regarding the Question for MathMan & The Tribulation Temple"

Dear MathMan & Fellow Watchers:

Thank you for responding but I think you didn't understand the question.  I wasn't asking about the need or lack thereof for a Tribulation Temple but rather "How do you explain Pastor Bob's research findings regarding the actual preparations for a Tribulation Temple?" I am well aware that the subgroup of watchers who are following the theory that we are approaching the middle of the 7 year period this April, see no need for a "brick & mortar" Tribulation Temple. The evidence thus far presented however show that preparations are well in advance for constructing such a Temple once the OK is given.

If I assume the veracity of the 7 year period that started in 2008 and you assume the veracity of an actual structure that will be assembled for the "second half" how does this eventuality fit into the scenario?  If there is no Biblical need for a Temple then why is it going up?  Is it really necessary to spiritualize the Temple when a more concrete explanation is at hand? (Augustine spiritualized the Millennium!)  

In the last century I did some construction work and know first hand that once a group of skilled workers are assembled, a structure that has been prefabricated can go up quite quickly. For those of us in the  Pre 7 Year Trib Rapture
camp the issue of the Tribulation Temple is of interest.


PS: I think Pastor Bob would make an outstanding guest on an internet radio show!