Pineman (13 Jan 2012)
"Regarding the Videos Gabriel Posted Yesterday"

(VIDEO) A Must Watch Video In Full--- 2012 / 2013 ; Geometry/ Numerology

(VIDEO) An Explosive Video Explaining The Times We Are In !!!..( Nov 1947 / May 1948 )

Dear Gabriel & Fellow Watchers:

Great find Gabriel!

A 72 year generation makes a lot of sense to me (and it is between 70 & 80). I think Chainedgarden Productions narrowed it down to 2012/2013 because the Jewish year 5773 encompasses both these Gentile years. So, if Daniel's 70th Week begins this fall then the Blood Bought Believers could be resurrected this coming First Fruits (April 8) and raptured on Ascension Thursday (May 17).