Phil (25 Jan 2012)
"Costa Concordia and the Titanic"

John and Doves,
Using Google Earth and drawing a line around the earth we find that, if we start at Giglio Island and go to the location
of the wreck of the Titanic and continue on we come to the location of the big quake in Christchurch, NZ.
Then if we continue through Perth, where I live, in West Oz, and go up through Jerusalem and then on through Rome
and the Vatican we come right back to Giglio Island where the Costa Concordia sunk, 99 yrs and 9 months after the
Titanic. 999 or 3+3+3 + 3+3+3 + 3+3+3. Mmmmm! And 99 yrs = 1188months plus 9 months = 1197months and
1+1+9+7 = 18 or 6+6+6. And 1x1x9x7 = 63 and 6x3 = 18 again.
This line more or less cuts the Earth in half!
Well, there you go!
Keep looking up!