Phil (14 Jan 2012)
"March 11th"

John and Doves,
I thought I had already sent this in fairly recently but as I can't find the email I will send it now with apologies if it was published.
On March 11th last year Japan suffered a 9.0 mega quake and terrible Tsunami. Who will ever forget those TV pictures of it?
On March 11th, 2002 in New York City they switched on the memorial lights for the twin towers which were destroyed in 2001.
Both dates (11/3/2002 and 11/3/2011) add to 9 or 3+3+3 or 3 x 3. Both 9's add to 18 or 6+6+6.
The year gap is exactly 9 or 3+3+3 or 3 x 3.
9 years is 108 months or (3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3).
The quake was finally registered as 9.0M or 3+3+3.
These two dates are splattered with 3's!!!
This is what David Meyer of The Last Trumpet Newsletter had to say about the memorial lights for the twin towers and is taken from
 the April 2002 edition -
"The 88 high-wattage, xenon spotlights project two blue beams or towers of light high into the night sky. (10) This
memorial is called the "Tribute of Light" and is saturated with occult significance. When I was an astrologer before
my conversion, I believed, as all astrologers do, that there is a harmony in the heavens called "the music of the
spheres." The occultists believe that this music of the gods and goddesses is sacred, and the 88 lamps of light,
which reach out to the heavens, answer to the 88 catalogued constellations of stars. There are precisely 88 of these
constellations or groups of stars involved in this supposed spiritual music. That is why there are 88 keys on the
keyboard of a piano. The towers of light were first activated on the 6th month anniversary of the fallen towers
or March 11, 2002. On this 11th day of the sixth month, it was announced that the lights would be on from 11 A.M.
until 11 P.M. and would continue for one month. It was then decided and announced that the light towers would
continue to shine from March 11 until April 13 and thus form a gigantic blue numeral 11 over the skies of New York
City for 33 days. (11) We must pay attention to these numbers, because they reveal beyond any stretch in the
realm of coincidence that occult forces are at work. The 11th sign of the zodiac in astrology is Aquarius, and this
is said to be the Aquarian age. The number 13 is the most powerful number in witchcraft and is the number of a
coven in ancient tradition. The number 33 is the number sacred to the Scottish Rite of the secret society known
as Freemasonry. Thus, we have an occult bridge of time, known as a rite of passage, lasting 33 days between two
dates involving an eleventh and crossing a full moon to the 13th day of the following month."
End quote.
So there we have it.
Keep looking up,