Paul Wilson (9 Jan 2012)
"I think at the rapture there will be 3..."

3 type of christians: the true christians who are watching for the rapture, the true christians who are NOT watching for the rapture (either the were misled as to the raptures timing or what it is or they have been misled into believing the rapture is decades away), and the false christian the one for whom church is a social club like the PTA, the Elks, or Boy Scouts. they don't believe in Christ but have not rejected him either thus they are lukewarm. these christians go to church and are good people they go to all the pot luck suppers and tithe and are friendly enough but have no spiritual depth they are CINO's (Christian In Name Only).

now I believe the first two groups would go with the first group receiving the crown for loving his appearing because they were watching. the second group goes but does not get the reward for watching. the CINO group will be left behind but has a chance at salvation they have heard the gospel and hopefully have come in contact with those in the groups going in the rapture and will have a change to truly come to Christ and stand with him even unto death.

how many are saved, of the CINO's, is up for debate since they never committed to Christ while the true church was on earth they may still feel no need to do so even though millions of christians have disappeared. some will obviously commit as Jesus speaks in revelation of overcomers in each church (the last 4 of which are still on earth). the odds are against a large number of these people coming to Christ as they went there whole lives up to the rapture without really knowing Christ there probably aren't going to be many compelled to change and they would be very susceptible to the AC who would speak christian phases and even bible verses, even satan can and did quote the bible, so what little they know might work against them. It would be better for people to have not heard the word since they would not have knowledge that could be used against them.

I do however feel there will be a huge number who have never heard the gospel and in many cases taught to disbelieve it who will come to Christ and will stay faithful even unto death. ("whoever loses his life for my sake shall gain it"). If I could tell them something I would say face the blade at your beheading. Look death square in the face and laugh knowing it has NO power over you.

The tribulation will be the worst time in human history. Ironically it will also be the time of the greatest revival/crusade in human history.