Paul Wilson (30 Jan 2012)
"should Israel withdraw from the UN???"

Should Israel withdraw from the UN?? I see no point in her remaining in that den of thieves and feel she would be better off withdrawing from it. why should one stay where one is hated?? why should one stay where one is encircled by one's enemies? I say she should withdraw at once. the UN has done nothing for her and she owes it nothing in return. I also think WE should withdraw from the UN. what do y'all think?

Our nation needs to rely 100% on Yeshua alone.


To me that is argument for getting out. If your rely solely on God you have no need to congregate with the devils of other nations. He will warn you when your enemies come. If you rely on YHWH you need not fear other nations he will protect you.

My thinking was along the lines of when Japan and Germany left the League of Nations prior to WWII. while Japan left after being a aggressor and Germany for it's own agenda their leaving showed the uselessness and powerlessness of the League of nations and helped lead to it's demise. If Israel were to leave it could make it quite clear it was leaving because of the ineffectiveness of the UN and that could help put pressure to dissolve the UN in favor of a organization with real power. (what we know as the NWO or government of the AC)