Paul Wilson (27 Jan 2012)
"to PJ RE: to Paul Wilson - population density in new jerusalem"

Obviously yes if there is just the one floor it would be quite cramped but one thing to consider is A) I am using 12 levels to the NJ (each with 5 mi of sky between) 11 for houses and the 12th for public areas and B) the Greek word is stadia (1/8th of a Greek mile) which is about 607.2 Ft and 12,000 of them would be 1380 MI so the bottom level would be 1380 X 1380 (all levels if a cube). The children raptured alone would be twice your highest number not to mention all the aborted so there has to be more than just one floor after all it is 1380 MI high so there is plenty of room for a multi level NJ. I think I can be confident in that 1.5 billion aborts (including morning after and contraception interruption ones) have happened in at least the past 90 years and that at least 1 Billion children will be going in the rapture. that gives us a starting pop of 2.5 billion too many for only one level.

Paul Joseph (26 Jan 2012)
"to Paul Wilson / population density in new jerusalem"

Hi Paul ,
Following to your below estimation about 4.5 B Christian in heaven is a huge number
maybe be we can start from Revelations 21: 16   about the new Jerusalem size
16 And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.
in another version its written 1500 miles
so 1500 x 1500 equals    2 250 000     miles  square
and as examples of population density lets say USA
i don't thinck population density in heaven will be other than very confortable
so 2 250 000 x  100 = 225,000 000  in case 100 inhabitants per square mile
     2 250 000 x  200 = 450,000 000  in case 200 inhabitants per square mile
     2 250 000 x  333 = 750  Million inhabitants    in case of 333 inhabitants per sq m           
examples of population density in the world
Paul Joseph