Paul Wilson (26 Jan 2012)
"RE: The Tribulation Temple"

Where is the info by Jonathan Kleck ??? Also in JR Church’s book he points out that the book of jubilees (which he believes is not inspired) has the next jubilee at 2024/25 and 2016/17 being the next Sabbath year. His book also places the jubilee using the biblical calendar and a receipt found from 132/33 AD to show the last 3 jubilees as 1896/97 (the world Zionist congress the beginning  of the move toward the state of Israel) 1945/46, 1994/95. Given the importance of the world Zionist congress I would say it is a better start for calculating recent jubilees and I would think God’s counting of the jubilees would have continued based on his schedule not paused and started again recently. Could you give some place to get info regarding Jerusalem=Eden??? Given the Euphrates is on of the rivers from Eden I find that to be a odd location.
Nicole (25 Jan 2012)
"The Tribulation Temple"

OK so I have been reading much on the various temples.    And what I believe is there will be a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem that will be the abomination of desolation during most likely the blood moons of 2014/2015 since those blood moons are in the constellations showing they must run to Petra.   I believe this will be the worship headquarters. 

Jerusalem is believed to be where the Garden of Eden was, and Perry Stone even says this in a sermon.   So if the devil wants his chance to rule over the Garden of Eden for 7 years, as many believe God walked with Adam and Eve for 7 years before the fall, then I believe there has to be a temple.   The thing is that we humans were always supposed to be the temple of God for eternity, and because the devil came and messed up our DNA (that is why Jesus only had one Y chromosome), we were not fit anymore until the perfect DNA of Jesus blood covered us.  

Many people believe that the Nephillim were all wiped out during Noah's time and that was the end of it.   But if you listen to Chuck Missler, he shows that Joshua was commanded to take out all the giants by the Lord God.   There was a period of 400 years that the Nephillim were breading again after Noah's time.    And so Joshua failed to take out all of these tribes, and the places that he failed were the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the West Bank, the places that are always in dispute in Israel even to this day. 

So that is why I believe that the Lord God had the temple and the Holy of Holies before Jesus came.    So now that Jesus died for us and those that accepted Him, the Holy Spirit lives inside of us and we are the temple of God.   There is no need for an actual temple.   So that is why I believe the antichrist will construct a temple in Jerusalem, so to keep the Jews from knowing the truth of salvation and Jesus, the Holy keep them under the law so they are condemned.   He is going to mess with the apple of God's eye.   And that is why I believe that the Father is going to declare a Jubilee in 2015 during the blood moons (the book of Jubilees from historical times show 2015 is a Jubilee, however because the Jews were scattered and stopped counting, we have another cycle starting in 1917, 1967, 2017 much like we have the the scientific accurate calendar and the civil calendar because the civil calendar also went off during the Hallel times).   I believe this Jubilee of 2015 is the calling of the Jews to Petra to house them in safety and supernatural protection and to show the antichrist through the worst judgments in the history of the world, that he cannot keep salvation through Christ's blood from the Jews.   The Lord is going to intervene.    I do not believe the Jubilee has anything to do with Jesus return and I believe that telling people that Jesus is coming back in 2015, will confuse people to take the mark of the beast at the midpoint of the tribulation.

What I also believe is that the antichrist will have various temples as well.   I believe that the Vatican City will become another temple where the pope is housed, and will most likely involve "Sun"day worship with the mark of the beast, the false prophet, and the worship leaders for the antichrist.   I was contemplating why Lady G. was singing in her song Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra and it hit me because that is the Sun god....and I read a vision of a person who saw Lucifer with blonde hair and a gold sun necklace.   And also Ken Peters showed in his mighty tribulation dream that the mark of the beast looked like a RFID tattoo that could be made in various colors, and it looked like a sunburst.

I also believe there will be a golden pyramid coming from the belt of Orion with an all seeing eye on the top of it that will be the headquarters/temple of the technology of the antichrist.   Through a vision of a 14 year old boy in 2007 from South Africa, he was shown this and how it comes to Rome.   I was also watching a video, have to find it again how the 7th Day Adventists were showing "God's" City of Jerusalem coming down from Heaven and it was a golden pyramid.   OK, well Jonathan Kleck said that the pyramid is our enemy, so clearly we know from Revelation that God has a golden cube, not a pyramid.   Also, I have read other reports from New Agers that they have experienced through astral projection, going to a golden pyramid where it is full of rainbows and crystals.   This New Age stuff is REALLY scary.   One sister on youtube ElectSister777 said that before she was a Christian, she was interested in buying a crystal and you can "program" them to do things.   She touched one crystal and it was very hot, and it was programmed to burn things.   Scary!   Anyways I believe these astral projections to this false Jerusalem mimics the Christians who are having Heavenly visitations to see Jesus.   Their channeling spirits from "aliens" and this Galactic Federation of Light, writing letters to their groups on behalf of these "aliens" is mimicking of Sabrina and Susan's gift from Almighty Jehovah. 

I also believe that various other temples in India, the Himalayas, etc. will also be stopping points for the antichrist.   I also believe that people who believe in the Norse gods, Zeus and Greek Mythology will also probably construct their type of temples as well for the antichrist....since he will be a fulfillment of all false gods. 

I believe that this very may well be the year of the rapture.   If not, then I guess I have to wait for the blood moons in 2014/2015 and I am not really looking forward to that.   Because a lot will happen in 3 years and we most likely know what that is going to involve.  I would be shocked if we are left here another 3 years.  LOL!!!!