Paul Wilson (25 Jan 2012)
"all christians?  that must be defined"

We must define “all christians” to even speculate on whether all are going. Many “christians” are simply CINO’s Christian In Name Only they call themselves christian have not rejected Christ but have not accepted him either. They are the social christian, the laodicean christian, or the frank burns christian (it’s a great place to kill an hour), these are not going simply because they really AREN’T christian. There are 2.3-2.4 Billion who call themselves christian worldwide. Just over have are catholic. Even given a generous 25% being true born again christians, I think the true number these days (sad to say) is probably closer to 10-12%, we are talking only 575-600 million true christians. Of these I would say you have probably 10% who know about the rapture and are watching for it. I still think all 575-600 million will go but that only 57.5-60 million will receive the crown for loving his appearing because they are watching. If you truly believe in God and Jesus as your savior you will go you have to be watching to get the crown but I don’t see true christians not going. I do see many whom the world calls christian being left behind. of them I am not hopeful I probably 15%, again generous, will be saved in the trib and either martyred or will enter the MK. it may only be 7%.
If you take my low numbers 230-240 million true christians of which 23-24 are watching for the rapture and get the crown. That means 2.07 Billion “christians” entering the trib and only 144,900,000 will be saved. That is 1,925,100,000 who call themselves christian are going to die in judgment or at the second coming. That means 83.7% are fake christians. When the Lord returns will he find faith? No not much.
In my recent numbers I may have been to generous in some regard to those getting saved in the tribulation. Maybe only half the number or 400 million. That still may be high since it would be 15% of the pop not killed in judgment. We know that most of the populace will not turn to God but will curse him.
1.50 billion kids raptured (might be under as #'s only given for <15, just the % actually which is 27, that # is 1.89 for 7 Bill )
1.50 billion kids aborted (already in heaven)
70 million miscarried (already in heaven)
800 million dead since creation (I could be over estimating here)
400 million tribulation saints (I could be over here too)
230 million Christians raptured (10% of all those called christian)(over?)(overlap?)
4.5 billion total