Paul Wilson (23 Jan 2012)
"God's Insurance Policy"
Full coverage, excellent survivor benefits, good worldwide, your agent is always available - just a prayer away, available to all ages regardless of health, can be obtained even if you previously obtained a policy from another group (islam, hinduism, atheism, etc.) but can NOT be held concurrently with any other policy, value continues to grow as you do (matt. 6:20), one person per policy but referrals are greatly encouraged, can be obtained any time prior to death (but given the uncertainty of death's timing it pays to obtain the policy as early as possible), benefits paid to policy holder upon entering heaven. Benefits manual available in many languages. Six millennia of experience - Two under current business model. A name you can trust. Comes prepaid by Christ. Only one requirement: you must believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and that he died for you sins and rose again. However those who buy during the 7 year fire sale may be asked to give their lives but would be able to take advantage of the martyrdom clause. Those who buy during the fire sale who do not die will be able to take advantage of the millennial existence clause. Thousands of authorized agents globally but do beware of imitators. Policies also available direct to consumer.