Paul Wilson (12 Jan 2012)
"144,000 impossible??"

what seems to be a common thread in the “the 144,000 are actually now dead Jews of the past” theories is the stated or implied belief that it would be impossible for God to find 144,000 Jews male virgins in todays society so his only option would be to ask those who have already been on earth to go back. I don’t serve a God that has impossibilities. MY God can do anything! HE can find 144,000 Jewish male virgins in society today! Another point in these theories is that the Jews don’t know their tribe affiliation any more so how could 12,000 be from each tribe?? Because God knows what tribe they are in and he selects them. I will NOT limit God by saying he can’t get his 144,000 from todays LIVING Jews. Could God use dead Jews??? Yes. does he have to???? NO.