Paul Wilson (12 Jan 2012)
"RE Paul Wilson and T.O and all Doves ( comments on New Jerusalem )"

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KML (10 Jan 2012)
"RE: Paul Wilson and T.O and all Doves ( comments on New Jerusalem )"

Hello Paul W. and T.O and Doves
I would like to begin by commenting concerning the inhabitants below the earth, and above the earth according to Enoch, Jasher, and the Bible.
The subject is Paradise/ Bosom of Abraham, and Hades/ Hell. The importants in understanding [the inhabitants below] is here!
First we know that God did not create hell for man, but if man does not live righteously,( old Testament) or is  not saved in Christ Jesus, that individual must go to Hades/Hell. Many are teaching and believe that Hell is the lake of fire. Not So ! Hell /Hades is a place that was set aside by God for the Fallen angels, and the 90% of the demonic spirits ( the souls of the offspring of the union of fallen angels and women,( Gen 6) that died during the Flood) whom God said must go there. Only 10% were allowed to remain. Enoch wrote that these offspring were NOT to be of the hevenly realm, they were born on the earth and their souls/spirits were to have NO resting place. ( spirits of the air). God said also to the angels[ watchers] you were to interceed for man, Not man interceed for you. These cannot FACE God. They look DOWN. The heavenly angels Face God. Thus the statement of Jesus in "Philochristus" of the children. " Their angels do always FACE my Father in heaven". The Bible shows us how Jesus loved the children.
Jasher  records where Shem'  seeing that the children of Shem, Ham and Japhet born after the flood and their numbers increased; were being affected by these spirits. Shem asked Noah his father to pray and ask God to rid the earth of these evil spirits in order that this New earth and beginning would not be as it was before the Flood.
I have heard great biblical scholars and teachers say { I have always wondered why Jesus did not send the spirits in the Demoniac into the Abys ? Why did He allow them to go into the Swine ? ]
This question has also come to me, and therefore I sought the answer, which I am now sharing with you.
Jesus knew the Father said that the 10% was to remain. You might ask; Why did God allow this 10% to remain ?
When Noah prayed to God concerning these evil spirits, Lucifer/ Satan came before God and said; " you cannot do this because I need them to carry out my plan;" therefore God said one 10th will remain, and the rest are to go into the Abys.
Many times when servants of the Lord are casting out demons from individuals, they find that some of these evil spirits will give us important information. They do not like to, but when commanded in the Name of Jesus they must answer.
I read the book " The Devil and Karen Kingston " and in the process of casting these evil spirits out of her, Pastor Rogers, heading up the case, told the evil spirit it must GO in Jesus Name. The spirit answered " This is my home, where will I go?
A Catholic Priest also attending the event, stepped forward and held up his crucifix and said " Back to hell where you belong".
The demon spirit turned to him and said; " you don't have the authority to send me there, not even your God can send me there".
This statement was a True statement.....Because God had allowed these 10% to remain.
The Catholic Priest; a Large man of 300 lbs, was then lifted in the air and thrown across the room, and his crusifix burst into flames. The child Karen Kingston weighed about 60 lbs. A book I recomend to all Doves to read.
Paul told us that we do not battle against flesh and blood, but of evil spirits and principalities in high places. We must get hold of this Truth ! Today more than ever, as we know in these last days it will become worse spiritually. These are already at work.
Concerning Paradise/Bosom of Abraham.
In the beginning Paradise was in Heaven and when God created man it was moved to the earth.[ The Garden of Eden]
When man sinned, it was moved below the earth. We know this in the story of Lazarus. A great gulf seperated it from Hell.
After Jesus resurrection it was moved back to Heaven. This is where all believers who have died are NOW, in the presence of God. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Paradise will again be here upon the earth in the Eternal Perfect State.
Those who die in the Lord await their glorified bodies at his coming at the Rapture and we who are alive and remain, are transformed and translated after the dead in Christ. In the twinkle of an eye. We will be in His presence around and about the thron of God in Rev 4-5. We are not mentioned again in Rev until the end when we come BACK with Him at His Revealing as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
The New Jerusalem will not come down from Heaven until the time of The Eternal Perfect State.
You might ask Why ?
Because God is not finnished with Satan/ Lucifer. He is bound for the 1000th year of REST. But is loosed at the end of this REST in order to complete a final cleansing of the earth. To bring these T.O mentioned in Rev 20:7-9. The last of Esau.
Once this great number is destroyed by Fire and Brimstone, by God, the New earth and Heaven is made. This is when The City of God " The New Jerusalem is come down to earth."
There will be people living upon the earth eternally. From the New Jerusalem comes rivers flowing with living waters, also there is the TREES of LIFE growing along the Rivers of Life. These will bare 5 different fruits monthly, and their leaves will be for the healing of the nations. Mortal man will eat of the fruit and drink of the living water, thus he will live eternally as Adam and Eve would have , had they not sined. These can come inside the City of The New Jerusalem and visit with all of US who have glorified bodies, but cannot remain. We the glorified saints and the 144000 Jewish saints will reside within the City.
Our numbers is VERY GREAT, and this City Build 4 squar, 1500 miles wide, 1500 miles long and 1500 miles high is more than we will use. We the glorified Saints will rule and reign with Jesus for ever and ever.
JUDE is writing to US. The beloved, the called and the kept, under the compelling of The Holy Spirit to write that which he had not first intended. Which was of the common gospel. Which He is assuming we already know. In return he reminds us under the Spiritual guidance of The Holy Spirit, to CONTEND  For The Faith. That we be alert and awake, and he reminds us of the children of Israel who were saved out of Egypt, yet perished for lack of faith in the desert. He also reminds us of False teachers who have crept into our churches, who are of their father satan. And of Sodom and Gomorrha, of their sin, but to also show US that in refreshing our minds of this story, how God's angels could do [Nothing] to destroy these cities UNTIL Lot and his family was where they were going.( For us it is the Promise that we will NOT see God's judgment upon the wicked of this world)We will be in heaven before TRIBULATION ( Jacob's Trouble)
Also Jude reminds us of how God has reserved the angels that sinned in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great Day. ( Great White Thron Judgement) after the 1000 yr REST, and before the New Heaven and New Earth, and the New Jerusalem is come down.
He reminds us of how these sinful and filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise DOMINION, and speak evil of dignities.
And How Michael the Arch Angel when disputing with satan over Moses body , did not bring against him a railling accusation, but said; The Lord Rebuke You.
Many of us, MYSELF included will speak nasty things against satan, in our words and in our songs. But we must NEVER forget how Even God gives Lucifer his ear. Michael understood the manner of rank. And until the set time in Revelation where Michael battles with Lucifer and he is cast down to earth with great wrath, he still of present has the ear of God. Verse 10 of Jude, but these speak evil of those things they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.
Let us remember, " the natural man understands not the things of the spirit" for to him they are foolishness. We are of the light and of the spirit of Christ.
verse 25: To the Only wise God our saviour, be Glory and Majesty, DOMINION and Power, both Now and Ever. Amen

The Devil and Karen Kingston

Blessing to you all