Paul Wilson (10 Jan 2012)
"Rapture Dream Within a Dream"

Ok now this is unusual for me first time I remember having a dream within a dream. Last night I went to be real late, usually I get to bed at quarter to 4 to 4:30 AM [ I am a day sleeper] and a late night is usually about 5-5:15 AM but last I didn’t get to bed till 6 AM, I had a dream I was watching myself sleep in my room asleep and I then saw the dream that the “dream me” was having and the rapture started I was going up and could see others going up I was VERY excited I said “this is it it’s the rapture I hope this isn’t a dream”, I could see people around the neighborhood clearly which I can’t now if they are far away because I am nearsighted but I could see maybe half a mile and it was all “in focus” crisp and clear though I didn’t really look at them hard enough to know who they were (we were wearing normal clothes not robes I was wearing something different that my bumming around the house clothes but it was normal for society today), I then looked up at the clouds and started moving faster and was going through the clouds when the me in the dream woke up. the dream me was a bit disappointed at it being just a dream and that I was still on earth then there was something else but I don’t really remember it but isn't important and then I woke up. I think the part I can’t remember was a few seconds of filler to take me from the point of the end of the dream within a dream to my actual waking up. the dream came at the time God usually send something to me in that time when you aren’t asleep but aren’t awake either sort of waking but not awake.
Another unusual part was I was in this house as the dreams I have with me and a house I am in our old house about 1 or so from here {we had a split level ranch and mom was going to get a gastric bypass and we need to be all on one floor so we moved to this house we are now in}. I haven't before had one about this house but when I started going up it was this neighborhood we are now in I saw. It was light out but didn’t seem noontime bright and was mostly clear but some clouds.