Paul Wilson (10 Jan 2012)
"Remember to be Careful With Bible Codes"

no offense to anyone but when ever I see someone post a bible code that has "found" a future event I am always skeptical. I have see these codes be wrong so many times over the years, bush's assassination is one that comes to mind, I personally can't put much faith in their powers to predict. I believe they are real, the bible codes, but I think they can only be used to find the past and present not the future. I am sure they are exciting to find but since it involves math it can be skewed to show anything you want. If I searched right I could probably find Obama is a Martian, Camilla PB is the most beautiful women on earth, Hilary is a man, and that Mahmoud almadenajad is a woman in man's clothes. that wouldn't make any of them true (possibly the Hilary one).I know how anxious we are to go home but we must be discerning to what we take as signs and clues lest we look foolish to non believers.'