Paul Wilson (10 Jan 2012)
"armistice important in calculations??"


In calculating the generation used in Matthew are the armistice dates important?? since one could argue that Israel's real existence as a nation didn't begin till the 48 war was over. If the armistices are important the first is FEB 24 1949 (Shavuot 25 5709) and the last is JULY 20 1949 (Tammuz 23 5709). This would mean the last date of the 70 generation would be either FEB 23 2019 or JAN 30 2019 (Shavuot 24 5779) for the first date and JULY 19 2019 or JULY 25 2019 (Tammuz 22 5779) for the last. So the rapture would be before that at the latest in July 2012. what are the thoughts here?? It appears the armistice in the 6 day war was on June 11th so a 52 year gen (see other post) could be extended to June 10 2019 or 2 Sivan 5779 which is June 5th 2019.