Paul Wilson (10 Jan 2012)
"jubilee and sabbatical years are we wrong??"

I posted these from RITA here too because I am sure there are those who come to the doves that aren’t part of RITA and by posting here they have a chance to respond.

In J.R. Church's book "Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Anti-Christ" he charts out the sabbaticals and jubilees from the first sabbatical year in 1431-1430 BC upto 2240-2241 AD. According to his list 2014-2015 AD is a sabbatical year not a jubilee. (the next sabbatical after that is the 2021-2022 year). He places the 70th, and last so far, Jubilee at 1994-1995 AD and the next at 2043-2044AD. I post this because someone had asked about if there was a record of jubilees from when they were observed in Israel.

According to his book the 1948 independence was in the second year after a jubilee (1945-1946) and the six day war a year after a sabbatical (1965-1966). Interesting he has the the world zionist conference in 1897 happening on the 68th Jubilee (in the month of elul). The oslo peace accord came just days before the sabbatical year of 1993-1994 that he says was the 490th sabbatical year. The yom kippur war was just days after the end of a sabbatical year (1972-1973). the First intafada started the year after a sabbatical (1986-1987) and ended the year before a sabbatical (1993-1994). The second intafada started ON a sabbatical year (2000-2001).