Patti C (9 Jan 2012)
"As A Child"


The Holy Spirit put this on my heart last night as I read all the letters on Five doves….and what a joy that is for me.  Thank and bless you all!!!

A child must be able to understand all that is going on and there must be a balance between that and the intellectual understanding of the times.    Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the wonderful and extremely interesting studies done by such knowledgeable people. Yet, the bottom line is that these thoughts must line up with what is in our hearts…the Holy Spirit…and not some logical conclusion that the prince of the air (mind) can use to his advantage.  Wisdom is a heart thing…and every child has that.   DON’T LOSE THE CHILD IN YOUR HEART!!!!!
I want to comment on Marilyn’s last post to Ron where she thinks that the sudden destruction will happen at Christ’s Second coming and the Last Trump Rapture.  She states that the “Sudden destruction comes upon "THEM", not upon "US".

I firmly agree with this, yet…I believe that the Rapture of the Bride (the first rapture) is the sudden destruction.  We are taken out of the way, to heaven, while the rest of “them” suffer through the earthquakes and emps that the AWESOME POWER OF THE LORD, BEING IN OUR ATOMSHERE, and WILL PRODUCE!!!!

It will not be “us” it will be “them”!!  Seems to me that this “sudden destruction” will be followed by much more destruction for the earth dwellers and “we” will not be part of that.   Certainly the same could be said at any time there is a rapture of God’s people, especially at the end when Christ comes back to the earth, physically. 
ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus)." 
We are escaping all these things in the FIRST Rapture as well, because there is NO WAY that the rapture of the Bride will NOT cause sudden destruction on the earth….the destruction that will trigger marshal law and usher in the NWO. This will cause the earth dwellers to seek the False Messiah.  GOD IS IN CHARGE NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST OR THE NWO!!!!
Therefore, both you and Ron are right….there will be numerous examples of sudden destruction for those who still remain filthy….BUT this certainly will not include His Bride, nor His elect.  JESUS WILL REMAIN THE ONLY WAY OF ESCAPING ANY OF IT… FROM THE FIRST RAPTURE UNTIL HE SETS FOOT ON THIS PLANET!!!
A  Child’s heart should be our foremost focus as the time draws near….if a child cannot understand what you are saying then I wonder if it is really of any importance.  Let’s all get back to that simplicity of a child and then see how all the intellectual stuff speaks to our hearts.   That is where Jesus lives and breathes in us….our only TRUE compass.
God bless you all for being such awesome children of God….for your insights and encouragement….yet, love is always the answer no matter how close it gets.  Love to you and yours!!!

Patti  C.
P.S.  Thanks Edwina for your encouraging remarks makes me feel welcome to this site!!