Patti C (7 Jan 2012)
"Day or Hour"


Day or Hour

Five foolish virgins   were not watching…do not have enough oil, in their lamps and they are going out. They can no longer see the times that are staring them right in the face, or maybe they were fervent watchers until so many predicted times did not come true, and therefore let their oil run out….no longer searching the future darkness with the light of the Holy Spirit to determine the next possible time….they grew weary.
We, who after many, many years of watching are still filling our lamps with the oil of the Holy Spirit and standing in the light of our Blessed Hope, can know the times and the seasons and even some of the enemy’s plans when we are gone.   Watching for Christ and the Rapture either consumes us with such joy and happiness and wonder, that nothing in this world can hold a candle to it…or not.  No lukewarm virgin will be going with the Bride.
I was born again from above in 1978….the first thing that the Lord Jesus expressed upon my heart in that instant of amazing grace was that time was short, and that He was coming quickly……that was 33 years ago, and there have been times when I was not looking for His coming….lukewarm.  In 2003, I returned to Bible College and got an MA in Theology….and since then have done nothing but evangelize to everyone I know and meet, that the Lord is coming soon.  In 2005, I happened to see a program…maybe Oprah…where a junior senator from Illinois was on the show….I took one look at Barak Obama and something in my heart said loud and clear “this man is the Anti-Christ”.   Knowing this before anyone had even heard, or thought of him, was just a shocking thing, and sharing it was rather humiliating because everyone thought that I was nuts!!!   
My point being….that we will know in our hearts, first, if we are truly always looking for our blessed hope.  We will keep oil in our lamps that will keep burning in the darkness of this world because we cannot deny in our hearts the joy that is accompanying the nearness of His coming.  In all those 33 years of looking up and hoping, I have NEVER felt this sure of anything….I can feel His arms around me and I have never been this happy!!!

Jesus said that we would KNOW THE TIME OF HIS COMING….because we who are close to His heart, will feel it so strongly in ours.  Yet, He is always true to His word, “no man will know the day or hour” not even us.   And the reason for this is so simple….time…..there are so many time zones and it will be a different hour and maybe even a different day for all of his Bride all over the world.  As to knowing the day or days….we can very well know that.   So the one thing that all us virgins can know is that the timing being set forth on this incredible site…is the most accurate of any I have heard of, and the agreement between so many of us is just so encouraging!!!  How fortunate we are to be sharing this together!!!   Our hearts are telling us….you have to agree that the JOY we are feeling is the best indication of His coming to take us home.
I don’t know about you all, but my material worldly life could not get much worse.  And yet I am happy and smiling and singing and so full of love…it just blows me away!!!!   Friends wonder how I can feel this happy when my material world, and my future in it, is crumbling….it is the greatest witness to His love that we can give…and it is free, just like his Grace.   Let us let the worlds see our joy and love and peace….make them wonder and perhaps catch on to what it is we have to smile about.
I know I will be meeting you all soon….God’s Speed!!!
Patti C.