Patti C (6 Jan 2012)
"Sabbath rest"

Bless each one of you, we are of one body, the Bride of Christ!!
Just a short comment…
The day that Ron Reese has shown us (Jan. 27/28) is a Sabbath….Jesus came to fulfill the Sabbath rest.  Even though we are a Gentile Bride, it seems fitting that the Lord would fulfill both the Old and New Testament, in that the OT Sabbath rest pointed to Jesus and His becoming our Sabbath and taking our burdens so that we can rest in Him!
Jesus is Everything!!
First Adam/ Last Adam
Tree of Life
The Temple
The Sabbath
The Ark of Safety
The First and the Last
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
The Alpha and the Omega
Our Blessed Hope
It seems interesting to me that all the dates that have been prophesied on this web-site fall on a Sabbath….think about it….Dec 24 to 25 …..Jan 6-7….and then Jan 27-28….that really convinces me that we are so close…and our day of rest will be just like our Heavenly Father’s day of rest.  AWESOME…  as every moment seems to be as we wait for the final day...the Joy is overwhelming!!!!
Joy on…. He is Close…can you feel His arms around you?
Patti C.