Patti C (25 Jan 2012)
"Head Wound??"

Wow!!!  I am so sure that I will not be alone on posting something about the "Adler Article"!!!   I heard it on the radio news, first, and then did a bit of research.  But, the first thing that came into my mind, (and I am sure I won't be alone on this thought, either); is that the NWO is setting everything up, right on time!!!  Get people thinking about Obama getting assassinated, so when it happens, oh say...Passover...he can come back and serve as antichrist.  Just amazing!!!  I just know there will be no more elections, all this campaigning is to just keep the sheeple distracted.

The Bible has become a "play book"....everything happening so fast and all at reminds me of the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, when Jesus says...3 TIMES IN ONE CHAPTER..."BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY!!!!   Now, when things are all coming together, they will happen one right after another!!! is looking like you are right on is all lining up!!

Here are the articles, if you have not already seen them:

In Awe and always looking up....Come Lord Jesus!!!!

Patti C.