Patti C (19 Jan 2012)
"Responce to Mathman"

Response to Mathman (18 Jan 2012), Patti C's Rapture / SD Week (and a little bit more…)
Hello Mathman!!
I think your posts are fabulous, I always look forward to reading them, you are amazing!!!  And that is not just based on instinct alone; but on years and years of being a watcher, I. I have also had the great fortune to attend a wonderful Bible College, where my thesis was on the End Times….I is extremely passionate about it!!!  Ha!!

 I, too, believe that the Biggest and Best Day, of all time, is at the door!!!  Heck, the Holy Spirit told me that Obama was the antichrist way back in early 2006, after seeing him for the first time!  I almost died last January, and cannot believe that I am still here and I am so thrilled to be given this past year to evangelize to family and friends, and anyone who comes to my door!!  Oh, so blessed to have the time to still be a watcher, on fire, for the Lord.

So, my “just a thought” post was the product of reading several good posts about this coming weekend the 21/22….especially the great post by  Jean Stepnoski, about the Wade vs Roe 40th anniversary.

That being said, I believe RAPTURE IS THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!!   That would not interfere with the world thinking peace and safety before it happens.
I believe that God will trump all the NWO’s plans, both at the Rapture and Second Coming.  Also, whether we are at the beginning of a 3.5 year Great tribulation, (which is what I believe) should not be an issue, as either way Rapture is still going to happen very soon.  I am a big fan of May 17th, as that is Ascension Day, 10 days before the 144,000 born again Jews are sealed with the Holy Spirit…on Pentecost.  We will go up the same way he went up and he will be in the clouds to meet us.   The Church is the Gentile Bride…rapture for us would not necessarily be a Jewish holiday, but one that is decidedly Christian.
Yet, I feel that things are going to happen much sooner than that.  I have been feeling that way ever since I joined the conversation on this site, Five Doves, and have been learning so much and hearing the most astonishing things, and it is all so exciting!! It is interesting, I have had this wall hanging of five doves for 10 years, and I always hang it on my wall no matter where I am living.  It has taken on a whole new meaning and concept since I have discovered this wonderful site.

 So I pray it is Jan 28th…so much is pointing to that.  But, keeping an open mind is good, too, as it keeps us looking up and searching God’s Holy Word.  What better could we be doing when He comes, than that?
Anyhow, thanks for letting me clear that up…yes peace and safety will be the order of the day…until the door of the Ark closes, with a big bang!!
Come Jesus!!  All Glory to You!!
Patti C.