Patti C (17 Jan 2012)
"To Michelle F."

Michelle F (16 Jan 2012)
""Confirmation of the Confirmation",  Confirmation
Note to Michelle…how about if you have time check out all the bible verses that are chapter 11 verse 11 in all 66 books…. the Lord has  put it on my heart twice now, when reading your posts,to recommend this to you.  Hope you will find much to share with us!! 

Thanks to John Tng having this website…what a blessing to all of us.  It seems like we are bouncing off each other like a pin ball game...and man! the pings and the points are rising ever higher.   You all have helped me so much…I have felt so alone with all this, now I feel like I have such a support group, and even better, a bunch of new friends in New Jerusalem!!!
Patti C.