Patti C (17 Jan 2012)
"Planet X"

This past weekend, after reading all the Saturday posts on Five Doves, I found myself wanting to learn more about Planet X and found a wonderful study on the “tribulation now” website.  This study is just so incredible and eye opening!!!  I encourage everyone to read it, especially if you have questions about the noise, the hum, why you see two suns or two moons in dreams….this study answers so many of the questions we end time watchers are asking.  It sure made things clear to me. 

I am going to write some of the conclusions that I came to.  I feel the Holy Spirit lead me to read this so that so many puzzles pieces in my own mind now fit together.  The study is 30 pages long, but it will just pull you in and blow you away!!

If you have time, read the study first. You can find it on  the Tribulation Now website within an article posted there about Planet X, or just Google the below title, and it should send you there.

PLANET X by Pastor F.M. Riley
By Pastor F.M. Riley
February 1, 2011
In a very brief summary, here is what I gleaned from it:
This planet was discovered in 1983 and there was much hoopla around the world about it…made the cover of many main stream publications.  It was called the 10th planet, and it is 6 times the size of Jupiter, and had a very strange obit.  It was all the scientific rage until they discovered something not so great about it….it would come passing by the earth and would create total destruction of this planet!!  It had happened once before in our recorded history, and therefore there was a record of what would occur.  Last time was roughly 3,630 years ago, and the Sumerians witnessed it and were wiped out by it.
Once the NWO got ahold of the news they immediately stopped thinking about America or any other part of the world, they would not let the public know that this horrible thing was going to truly happen.  Instead they started milking the whole planet of all its wealth, and used, and is still using that money to build their underground bunkers to somehow make it through the passage of this planet.  They robbed us of all it resources, oil, seeds, and anything that would be used for their survival.   Within a year or so the wonderful and incredible news of discovering a new planet disappeared from the news and the entire magazine covers, in fact they tried to discredit anyone who spoke out about it.  Since then this world has been on a roller coaster ride to disaster. They have done their best to keep us distracted so that this disaster will not be one that we will have enough time to do anything about, except the elite and the great men of the earth.   It just ties so many loose ends together, and the thing I like best about it is that it is from God, not anything that man is going to do.
Yet, that being said, the elite have known and have used and abused that knowledge to fleece all the world’s citizens for their own survival and gain. 
This is beyond evil!!!
My conclusion is that:
Planet x is the noise, the hum.
It is the reason some are dreaming of seeing two suns or two moons.
It is responsible for all the strange bird deaths.
The fish on the seas, there one minute gone the next.
The Horrendous earthquakes, increasing in magnitude and a occurrence all over the world.
The strange cracks in the ground .
For all the dormant volcanos around the world to become active.
The descriptions of hell are for the earth dweller that will be moving into all these underground tunnels real soon.
It was here 3,663 years ago…the Sumerians recorded what happened to them.

The closer it gets the more noise it makes and the earth shall crumble in places…strange earth openings all over the world…strange weather years before it finally gets here….but here it is.
God is in charge; He is controlling the Tribulation and is the supernatural cause of it.  He will take his Bride and then allow all who believe the lie and choose the antichrist over God, to die the most horrible death!!

In Numbers 16:32 says,
“And the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households and all the men with Korah, with all their goods.”

Not only that….all those elite people that are thinking peace and safety in their underground cities, from the face of God will find out theirs will be the most horrible fate of all…trapped for eternity in mud and dust in a state of terror…in hell.
By the end of this year it will look as though we have 2 moons in the sky.
(just another reason that rapture will happen soon!!!)
I pray that this study helps you as much as it has me.  As much as I watch for what the enemy is going to do, it is most refreshing to understand in our hearts of hearts that the Great God Almighty, the Love of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit have it all worked out, and all this has been planned since the foundation of this world. 

In awe and anticipation of meeting the Lord and all the fellow watchers and doves!!!  AMEN!

Patti C.