Patti C (13 Jan 2012)


Note: ( I was going to post this letter yesterday, Jan. 12, but did not have time.  When I discovered 2 more posts about the same thing, but in a different manner, I felt I had to be the third witness to this conclusion.  The other two articles are very good and they are from:
John Nelson (12 Jan 2012)
"Antichrist revealed first?"
Vocio Denario (12 Jan 2012)
"Nostradamus: MABUS - obama and The beast"
Therefore I have been encouraged to post mine also.  This is such a wonderful forum for all of us watchers…we bounce light off each other and the truth that the holy Spirit is showing us is ringing  so many bells!!  Bless you all!!)

The man of sin has been revealed to Christian watchers….we know who he is…..the verse did not say be revealed to the world….just revealed and the gospel was written for us!!  And I firmly believe he has been to all the hearts and minds of the born again Christians that are looking for his coming, as part of when Christ will come for us!!!   To the World he will be revealed as an angel of Light….at least at first, but  we are not in darkness to mistake who this son of perdition is.
Should be no argument…it has happened …he has been revealed to the people who read the Bible and are filled with the Holy Spirit….and very soon to the world.
America used to be a Christian nation and would be considered a holy place…a holy place that has been defiled and became an Obama-nation instead!!! He has already defiled the temple of democracy and freedom and has declared himself a god by dishonoring the true God and changing Jewish holidays for his convenience. 
There is no need for anymore temples of man to be built, where freedom rings is the last manmade temple of goodness that hasn’t already been totally defiled before 2008.  The temple in Jerusalem has already been defiled by the Muslims and the Dome of the Rock, and where else could a holy place be, in this world, but the temple of freedom in Washington DC…the New Atlantis.  Knowing that America is Babylon all this starts to make sense.  Obama is not indwelt by Satan yet, that won’t happen until after the rapture…but he has been revealed to anyone with the Holy Spirit in their hearts and can see the truth in God’s Holy Word.  
Amen and many blessing to all the watchers and doves!!
Patti C.