Patti C (13 Jan 2012)
"The Cock Crows"


In response to part of this post "Mike Hoggard Video about the Birth of the Man Child" and what he said about a rooster. And I quote:
“The Lord keeps telling me that the rooster is going to crow at the break of dawn.   And I believe that the rooster crowing is a representation of the Bride going to life eternal.   And I believe that the devil knows this and is high jacking this sign for himself through the logo of Obama (break of dawn)”
This is just a personal observation of the rooster in my yard. I live on 3 acres outside of town in Hamilton, Montana and there used to be chickens on this property, but they were taken to a new location.  The rooster was left here, so I have kind of adopted him as a pet.  He used to just crow in the morning and sometimes in the evening, but since Christmas he crows all day long!!!  He was separated from the chickens in September, so he would not, now, suddenly start missing them.
 So, what Mike said about the rooster crowing at the break of dawn, and how it relates to the Obama campaign really hit home!!  I have also felt that it was a sign that rapture is near…calling everyone to repent and not deny their Lord and Savior and His Coming for his Bride.
These are such amazing times in His AMAZING GRACE!!!
Patti C.