Patti C (11 Jan 2012)
"Rebuilt Temple"

A Challenge about the rebuilt Temple; just not convinced that this will take place.
No temple is to be built for the antichrist….there is no mention of such a thing in Daniel….the word “temple” is only used twice in that whole book, and it is in Dan. 5:2,3…having nothing to do with the abomination that causes desolation.  Also remember that Daniel was telling of two different times at the same time….of when the Temple was destroyed in 70AD as well as the end times…and in that instance there was a similar abomination as mentioned in Revelation.  Just like Christ speaking of both instances in Matthew…one takes place in 70 AD and one in the end times.

Think about it….if Obama is the antichrist he is a Muslim and the “holy place” for Muslims in the Dome of the Rock that is built right on top of the old Temple….he could stand in the “holy place” by being in the Dome of the Rock and proclaim himself as God.

Christ and the body of Christ is the only temple, and it will not be rebuilt by the hands of man.  Once the NWO uses the Muslims they will get rid of them.  The holy place is also considered to be the new temple that was built in Rome…the Vatican….if that is the case; each pope has been an antichrist as they have stood in that holy place and declared that they are God, for centuries.  Another possibility is that the holy place is the Christian church, where the false prophets have taken over.

Once the Bride is gone, any churches would be run by Satan and the synagogue thereof mentioned by Christ.

I am not convinced that there will be a literal temple rebuilt in Jerusalem….I think the truth is much different than what we have been taught and this needs to be looked at in terms of what is happening right now in the end times.   Jesus is the Temple… he was destroyed and raised up, there is no need of another.
Would really like to hear some new ideas about this that can be proven by scripture….any takers?
Matt M  (Jan 9) seems very upset about anyone doubting this in his post….but he did not prove it with scripture and that is what I would like someone to do.
I will have no problems with being proved wrong. 

Thank you and bless you all!
Patti C.