Patti C (11 Jan 2012)
"The 144,000 an interesting possiblity!!!"

Old Testament Israel is coming to evangelize to New Testament Israel….
The 144,000 are given resurrected bodies (sealed in the forehead) they are the dead that rise first and are given eternal bodies and will evangelize to the Israelite people, all over the world.

These are the souls under the alter, already in heaven when rapture happens and they shall be given white robes and be the dead that rises first...all the prophets and saints of the Old Testament….then the rest of the dead of the New Testament saints, and then all the rest of the Bride that is alive on the planet.  It really makes perfect sense to me because John would be in that group and so would Jonah, and Daniel and the rest of the Old Testament Prophets.  Many who had given God warnings and messages to the world, many that were not heeded in their lifetimes, will fulfill their missions.

This time they get to see the fruit of their labor, both in the Bride and the Church…and their fellow Israelis. What better Witness could God send??  They will save the rest of the Bride of Christ, for surely the Wedding does not happen until they are back in Heaven with us, the Church…and all the Trib saints!!
This is the idea presented in David Lowe's book “Earthquake Resurrection” and to me it makes the most sense of all the ideas of who these 144,000 are…fits the very best as a puzzle piece that had been missing.  At least something to take a closer look at.

Praise the Lord He is coming SOON!!!

Patti C.