Patti C (10 Jan 2012)
"Manhattan Project"

Shades of the Manhattan Project!
Something just dawned on me while reading all the reports of compass distortions and rumbling sounds, and strange lights seen in the sky at the same time.  Two words came into my mind and made me stop and wonder.  Those words are “Manhattan Project”…the military had this technology way back during WW11…. Could it be that HAARP is using this technology to hide their planes and missiles?  Seems as if they are practicing for something…trying to get a jump on God?
If they can hide the attacking weapons, and screw up compass readings, then they are like the invisible army of darkness!!   We will see signs in the sky and even hear the rumbling of whatever weapon, but we will not see them.  As yet, after over a year of reports all over the world, there is still no official scientific mainline news reports on what this is!!   Sudden Destruction will happen on a day of darkness….all signs seem to be pointing to this happening really soon….January 27/28 perhaps.

Just something to think about as a possibility, but I know the Lord put that idea in my mind and wanted to share it with you all.

Also have you seen the map of the correlation between the sounds, compass disturbances and locations?? It is really incredible….seems the most disturbances have been on the east coast, southeast, and the west coast is having these things happen in two key locations….Seattle, and LA…..the east coast mainly in New York and Washington DC…..certainly likely targets that have been mentioned often.
Here is the Map:

Red balloon= compass off. Blue line connects them. Put degrees off, date, time in the description
Green balloon= compass okay. Green line connects them.
Yellow pushpin= rumble noises.

So much is happening so fast!!!  Just like Jesus told us for surely He Comes Quickly!!!
Praise the Lord!!!
Patti C.