Ola Ilori (20 Jan 2012)

Hi Doves,
Over a period of 15 Years, from 2001 to 2015, Easter and First-fruits coincide only 4 times!
2002 - Sunday the 31st of March [16th of Nisan]
2005 - Sunday the 27th of March [16th of Nisan]
2009 - Sunday the 12th of April [16th of Nisan]
2012 - Sunday the 8th of April [16th of Nisan]
Back in January 2009 a brother sent me the following vision received from an angel.
Back then, we thought the rapture would happen on the Sunday the 12th of April 2009.
Now, I believe this brother was being shown that the rapture will occur in 2012!!!
I had this visions when I was wide awake and I could talk to the Angel that was showing me the vision.
In this vision the Angel and I was walking and came upon a hill.
I looked at the hill and there was some graves in it, they started opening up and people were coming out of them.
I asked the Angel what is this?
He said “it’s the dead in Christ being resurrected, just as God said they would be".
I then saw people floating upward out of their cars and houses but I was not going with them”
I said when will this happen?
He replied “first fruits”
I said Easter?
He said “Yes, it will happen on first fruits just as promised!”