Neil Lipken (13 Jan 2012)
"Supreme Court mulls profanity, nudity on network TV - Washington Times"

Late in these End Times (which began when Israel returned as a nation in 1948) the decline in morals and ethics will continue and accelerate!  Right after the Rapture happens everything will really go downhill at an astonishing rate during the Tribulation Period.  Remember the song "Slip Sliding Away" by Paul Simon?  The lyrics went, ".....the nearer our destination, the more we are slip sliding away....."  The closer we approach the Second Coming of Christ (a little more than 7 years after the up-coming Rapture), the more this world is falling into the grips of the god of this world, satan (I refuse to capitalize his name).


P.S.  From now till the Rapture and beyond, one can count on the TV programming to get progressively raunchier and raunchier------it is pretty terrible now------but it will get worse!  The Bible predicts it------way too much scripture to go into here.

Supreme Court takes up censorship on TV