Nando (9 Jan 2012)
"To Mathman and Kevin Heckle: God’s Mathematically run Creation and the numbers in Daniel"


Jan 7, 2012 God’s Mathematically run Creation and the numbers in Daniel

The reader will  enjoy the numbers that are presented in this post by Mathman that refers to the post by Kevin Heckle. I want to say to Kevin very good work of discovery and math permutations. Your knowledge of mathematics and astronomy is enviable. Are you a professional astronomer?

The numbers on the book of Daniel were given by God to Daniel. He put the heavens together with power and using mathematics, so these numbers were well known to him as was the fact that you were going to discover them and make the article.

We have been made to see these fantastically coordinated movements of the planets with a mathematical perfect formula that predicts the movement of these planets way into the future. His prophetic plan of history follows these precise mathematical equations and is for us humans to discover the mathematical patterns interconnecting the flow of history.


MathMan (7 Jan 2012)
Kevin Heckle’s “Amazing Mathematical Proofs of God’s Design (What are the odds Mathman?)”

Dear Kevin & Doves,

I have to say that I stand HUMBLED next to your awesome calculations.  Only the Lord could have given you the skill to come up with such ingenious and amazing ratios and combinations combining planetary alignments and mathematical formulas.  Seriously, that was UNBELIEVABLE!!

For those who are “mathphobes”, at the very least simply skim over this stuff – it is SIMPLY AMAZING:

WHAT A LORD WE SERVE!!  Kevin, this is just another feather in God’s cap (as if He needed any more).  Is there ANYTHING He can’t do?  Of course not!!

Now, on to your question (which I am sure was tongue in cheek).  What are the odds?  Unfortunately, to calculate the odds, I need to be able to derive both a numerator and a denominator.  Let us assume the numerator is 1 (not hard).  But that where it gets difficult.  The denominator is simply incalculable.  Hence, I will have to conclude this by saying that the denominator = x, wherein x is infinity, so great is the Lord we serve.  Why?  Because only the infinite capabilities of our Lord could make all these things balance out so beautifully and exquisitely.

Thanks again for blessing us with this study.  It was A LOT of fun to read!!


YbiC, MathMan